Life changes (excitement levels high)

So, I've graduated *cheer*. The day was fabulous, frantic and overly fancy. It left me feeling very loved and appreciated by those dearest to me. It was wonderful, but it was something I'd been waiting for since I first began university some 3 years ago. I've said this before on here (link: here), but I never went into uni after the 'party, life out, be a complete tramp for 3 years' life. Not that theres anything wrong with that, my dear friends did that with pride and loved it. It's just not and never has been for me. I've always been quite academically focused, though by no means am I a grade A student (2:1 dolls hollaaaa). I wanted a degree to get a good job, simple.

Barriers to blogging

The topic of this post is something I believe everyone (who blogs) struggles with. I've found recently that I've had many 'barriers to blogging', some through no fault of my own and others for different reasons. I love this blog, I really do. Whenever I get a wave of passion and feel the urge to write, share and create it's wonderful. It works and the growth I get fills me with delight and makes me question why I don't commit fully all the time. Yet, that isn't as easy as it sounds. Life can be a bitch, basically. It gets in the way. Other people get in the way. Comparison gets in the way. It isn't easy to be motivated, creative and committed 100% of the time, and thats ok.

Our dreamy apartment in Tulum, Mexico

I'm going to be real here and admit first off that our favourite part about our two weeks spent in Mexico was this apartment. That may seem strange, given the outrageously gorgeous surroundings we were so fortunate to be in, but omg this place. It was just something else. 

Tulum, Mexico

The second part of our trip to Mexico saw us spending a week in Tulum, 1 1/2 hours south of Cancun. It's much more quaint, secluded and quiet when compared to Cancun. And a whole lot more breathtaking. 

Cancun, Mexico

Throughout my final exams, I was so done. I couldn't see any end to the 12 hour days of hell. I craved sun, sand and sea. I needed something, anything to look forward to. Sam & I had already said we would have a summer holiday to celebrate me finishing, but the planning became such a wonderful distraction from revision.

Cotswolds farm park

During our recent bank holiday weekend spent in the Cotswolds (link: here), we visited Adam Hensons Farm Park. This was so brilliantly spotted by Sam on our journey down from Coventry, who then insisted we go just so he could see me menstruate over small animals.