Climbing Scafell Pike

After climbing Snowdon not too long ago (read about it: here), I've had an itch to climb the other two 'peaks'. Scafell Pike, located in the deliriously beautiful Lakes, was the next most realistic to access & similar height to climb. Ben Nevis is my ultimate bae, but the 6 1/2 hour drive wasn't tickling my fancy. 

A little 23rd weekend getaway (HAPPY BDAY TO ME!!) saw me heading straight for the outdoors, pitching a tent, putting on my scruffy old nikes & hiking my ass 978m up Englands highestmountain. 

Postcards from Paris

Paris, ah. There are minimal words to describe quite how beautiful it actually is. I mean, I've seen umpteen snaps before my swift 3 day trip, but until you're there & see it with your own two eye balls, it just doesn't quite capture the essence of it. I've been left completely in awe.

7 hours in Dublin

I'm not one to do things by halves. My ideal of a perfect day out is climbing some kind of mountain, being outside & exploring. So the fact I went to Dublin as a 'day out' sums this up. Flight out 7am, return flight 8pm. Hectic, intense & exciting. 

Kos, Greece

Mum & I were itchy after our roadtrip to the south, wanting a little abroad type of deal. A skyscanner search found reasonable flights to Kos, leaving on exactly the dates we were after. A hotel 10 minutes walk from the islands most glorious beach was swiftly booked. So had it, a gals holiday to Greece with Mum. 

Climbing Snowdon

Few facts about Snowdon: 1. Highest mountain in England & Wales. 2. 1058 m/3560 ft high. 3. 8 miles there & back. 4. It's beautiful

I've always wanted to climb it. Like, always. I text my Australian bff, Alex, a couple of days before & said 'Hey, wanna climb Snowdon next Sunday?', he quickly replied 'Yeah, sure', with little idea what he was letting himself in for. Now, Snowdon is a pretty high & tough mountain to climb. People train for it, rescue helicopters are constantly whirring round it & people frequently die whilst climbing. Alex & I went with absolutely no experience in climbing anything before. Kitted out only with backpacks full of haribo, munchies, squashies, galaxy counters & a small bottle of water between us. Absolute pros, some would say. 

Quarry Bank Mill

Since I have such a deep love for being outside, seeing beautiful places & gorgeous old buildings, it's no surprise I love National Trust properties. Therefore, it's no surprise I'm a member. And a pretty proud one at that. Twenty-two going on eighty-two and what not. I wouldn't change it, going to put the badge in my car anytime too, just to really show off my cool-kid status. 

Quarry Bank Mill has been on my list of NT places to visit for a while, google really did a pretty good sell to me. It was a beautifully sunny Saturday afternoon in England, so the three of us bundled into the car and headed off for a walk and a (very satisfying) photography session.