The cotswolds is always a special place to visit. It's just so beautifully, absolutely, completely green. Such a perfect place to escape from everything. I never get tired of wandering through the villages, going on walks with no end point and spending nights cosied up in country pubs. Which is exactly what we did, for three whole days.

Oslo, Norway

Oslo, for reasons unbeknownst to even me, has been a place I've always wanted to visit. I think the beauty of Norway and the Fjords just sets it apart from elsewhere. 

I'm not a 'girly' girl

I've done a few more personal posts recently and I've honestly loved every one I've wrote. I do now, and will always write the type of blog I would personally love to read. I'm nosy, I like knowing the ins and outs of peoples lives. As I'm sure we all do, because lets face it, we're gals (most of us). Galdem like a stalk. It's human nature to want to know about others. I personally like it as a form of validation, almost? I've been surrounded by the same 'type' of people for far too long now, as mentioned in my previous post (link). The internet is always a little friendly reminder that we're all different and lovely and fabulous and loved and beautiful, regardless. So I thought I'd discuss how I'm not a 'girly' girl, as I know I'm not the only one.


Ah, skyscanner. You are beyond addicting. Anytime I feel like I may have a couple of free days away from the hell of final year I'm scouring your pages for a little getaway to somewhere you decide. For this time, Luxembourg. 

Things I used to think were essential for happiness

That's something I've always been good at, rationalising a situation. Looking at it from a realistic perspective. Understanding that even though everything is shite, not everything is shite. I thought I'd share just a few things that I previously used to think I 'needed' for happiness, but now I am happy not having in my life. Seems strange, appreciating the things you don't have but previously wanted. But I can recognise that yeah, I don't have these things, but I'm still happy.