Postcards from Paris

Paris, ah. There are minimal words to describe quite how beautiful it actually is. I mean, I've seen umpteen snaps before my swift 3 day trip, but until you're there & see it with your own two eye balls, it just doesn't quite capture the essence of it. I've been left completely in awe.

Three days saw us strolling around the Louvre, climbing up the Eiffel Tower, mesmerising over the Catacombs & exploring the Parisian streets. Not an overwhelming amount, by no means did I want to cram everything in. Personally I'd rather see a minimal things but experience them completely, rather than rush from place to place just for the sake of being able to say I've seen/done it. Ya feel?

Three days in Paris also saw me experience a hostel for a first time. Sleeping in an 8 bed room filled with 7 other lads was not the exactly cute. Neither was forgetting to bring a towel, refusing to pay €10 to rent one & subsequently having to drip dry then attempt to dry my hair upside down in a dyson handryer. Definition of glam. 

As you can see from my snapz, I took a particular liking to the dreamy ceilings in the Louvre. They were honestly next level. I think I walked around with my head craned back the entire time. How something can be that majestic is beyond me. I wasn't too fussed about the art on the wall, besides my girl Mona, obvz, but the ceilings were what won me over. Lush. 


Of course the view from the Eiffel Tower was pretty spectacular too. I could have easily spent all day up there just gazing around, taking it all in. Paris is pretty darn special. So uniform & pristine. Everything is just coherent & seamlessly blends together. Also I think I developed a mild obsession with their consistently perfect buildings. Like how so perf. How?

So ends my little 3 day trip to Paris. I think these snaps are honestly some of my most favourite out of all the ones I've ever shot & edited. It's pretty difficult not to take perfect pictures of Paris as everything is so damn beautiful. 

Out of all the magical things to do/see/explore whilst there my fave was without a doubt the Catacombs. So mind-blowing & such a surreal experience which genuinely gave me chills. Worth the 3 hour queue. Wish I was exaggerating with the 3 hours. Defo am not, sadly. Thank god for Spotify & my 'BangerZ' playlist. 

The metro system is also an eyeopener. I feel like our entire trip was spent on it, whizzing about all over the shop. I'll just share my top 3 metro experiences, for the lolz.

  1. A man arrived on board & performed a full entire exorcism. 
  2. Another woman who smelt rather overwhelmingly, stomach-wrenchingly strong arrived on board, demanded a couple vacate their seat so she could sit down & proceeded to pick skin off her feet the the entire journey.
  3. A backpack was left opposite us & a French man noticed. He then proceeded to grab us both, scream it may be a bomb & dragged us off the train at the next stop, taking as many other people as he could with him, screaming about the bomb potential the entire time. He ran, told the driver & proceeded to have the whole station shut down for 30 mins whilst it was searched. Save the best 'til last eh. 

Until next time Paris!