Sal, Cape Verde

Stephen and I were feeling itchy. It had been a little too long since either of us left the country or had a proper adventure together, so with a week booked off and about a week until we had planned to be leaving, we booked a last minute trip to Cape Verde. He look great pleasure in telling people we were off to 'a small island off the west coast of africa'. Both having never been before, we got too giddy at the thought of heading off to, what we termed it 'Africa'. 

A 6 hour flight flew by (pun intended) by a complete binge watch/drool over Jamie Dornan in The Fall. We quickly learned our hotel was far from 'Africa'. The whole island of Sal is pretty much a desert, only just becoming developed. Melia Dunas was like it's own city in comparison. Comprising many restaurants (v. grim, school dinners) and numerous pools (v. beautiful, clean) it leaves no need to leave the hotel, everything you could need is there. 

Having not been away in a while,  our first day there being a cloudy one with no visible sun lead us to think we would be safe without even SPF 20 (remember, 'Africa'). We deserved the brutal burn we got for being so naive. Safe to say we baked ourselves in it for the remainder. 

We made lots of use of the private beach and unlimited ice cream bars. We ate at the buffet for the duration, bar one dismal restaurant trial. Stephen enjoyed trying all the various fish dishes, while I struggled. I did enjoy trying all the different un-named,  ever-changing deserts and the daily chocolate fountain was addicting. We both came home skinnier than when we left, not the norm for all inclusive! 

Most of our time was spend sunning, reading & relaxing around the pool and beach. Being idiots in the pool (is it possible to drown my boyfriend without others noticing?), playing in the sea and long night time beach walks took up the remainder of our time spent at the hotel. We made a visit to the main town, Santa Maria, one night. It was very authentic and a complete contrast to our overly extravagant hotel. 

Here are some of the snaps from the time we spent around the resort during our week. Another post soon will show when we had a tour of the Island on the back of a truck.