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Sal, Cape Verde: Island Tour

Sal, Cape Verde: Island Tour

Our last full day in Cape Verde was spent being driven around on the back of a truck exploring the wonders of Sal. I've always wanted a truck, so being driven around on one for the entire day through the desert was quite something. The island of Sal is quite small, our 6 hour trip covered the many sights with time to spare. 


A quick visit here to look at the bay, have a breakdown of the days itinerary and get some information on the histroy of the island from our too-sweet tour guide. 


The islands Capital. A short visit to have dinner with some locals and get a taste of authentic island life. 

We also ventured right up and got a view across the island, it's many shanty towns and the expanse of desert. The best part without a doubt was the abundance of dogs for us to play with. The rest of our tour went off exploring whilst we quickly became infatuated with the most precious little puppy. 


The little fishing village. Very locally authentic, a very relaxed atmosphere. I particularly enjoyed it here, the buildings were so bright and colourful. Driving through it on the truck was possibly more enjoyable as neither of us enjoyed children begging us for money. 


Where the 'magic eye' is located, a natural phenomenon. I believe it to be a reflection of light in the water, thought I could have that slightly wrong. My tour guide spoke very fast. It was incredible to see, so vivid contrastingly blue.

Terra Boa: 

Our first desert experience. This whole tour pretty much showed us the whole island is around 70% pure desert, driving through it really put it into perspective. Here we saw a mirage, sand moving in such a way it appears to look like water. The local shop located in the middle of the whole desert was so fascinating inside. It was absolutely filled with individual authentic quaint pieces, so different from the traditional tourist things that are often visually painful. 

Pedra de Lume:

Home to Salinas salt mines, the islands resource of salt, only sold internally to the other Cape Verde islands. The waters here apparently have 3x the amount of salt as sea water, meaning you could literally float in the water. We didn't get a chance to swim in it sadly as we had judged our money wrongly before we left. It was so incredibly to see. 

Contraception & Me

Contraception & Me

Sal, Cape Verde

Sal, Cape Verde