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5 reasons why I won't read your blog

5 reasons why I won't read your blog

Ok this may sound a little tight, 'why I won't read your blog', but we've all been there: disappointed, frustrated & annoyed. What could be a good blog, just isn't. You want to leave, never to return & forget it ever existed. It's a sad time. But there are many contributing factors as to why I click the little red 'X'. After spending far too long reading far too many blogs, I've rounded up & surmised my most infuriating bug bears as to why I won't return to/read/spend to time of day on any particular blog. 

Naff (lol) template

The template is literally the first thing you see as you click on a blog/website. A poor layout, disorientation, confusing & overly offensive text (ffs comic sans, Y) will all send me running. Who wants an image as a background? Why would you use a custom cursor? I'm such a visual person, I simply can't stand layouts that physically hurt my corneas. It's 2016 ppl, move away from the piczo era. 

Also, popups. Why would I want to subscribe to your email list, follow you on bloglovin' & like your fb before I've even had a glimpse of what you're offering?! Just chill. If I like your offerings, I'll follow you. Pretty simple, no?

No pictures of you

A blog is a personal thang. I wanna see you & your luscious face. Make it about you, your life & what you love. Show yourself off & be proud of your blog you've created! Wheres the personal, friend connection without pictures of the person who's writing it?! If I wanted stock images, I could go to google. 

Poor image quality

Now I'm not sayin' you need a 5D MKIII to produce blog pictures. No, far from it. But if it looks like it has been taken with something akin to a 3310, I'm off. Nothing is more off putting than poor, fuzzy, pixilated, stretched & distorted images. Iphones take pretty good snaps, make use of them.

Or no image. No image & a load of text. Nothing less inviting or unappealing. Images draw people in, use a couple. They don't have to be related. Look at mine for this post, for 'xample. 

Lack of authenticity

If you don't write a blog you adore, it shows. I write about whatever I please, because I love it & it makes me (& hopefully some of my lovely readers) a wee bit happy. If content or writing is faked, forced or written for the wrong reasons, ah boy does it show. I'm by no means a 'beauty blog expert', but even I can spot when your bullshitting your sassy lil' way through a review of a product you've not even tested. I genuinely can't see why anyone bothers doing this..? Baffling. Talk about stuff you love, show off your personality & character. Write like your talking to your bff, be a lil' human & a bit less robotic.

A shit load of text (to be specific)

Nobody clicks on a post with the enthusiasm & moral compass required to plow through a Shakespearian novel. Don't display yours like one. Headings, bullet points, images & line separators go a long way to make the bulky text look more manageable. Being able to skim through posts I'm interested in, find the part I like & miss out the rest is something I'm guilty of. As I'm sure we all are. Using ctrl & f to search for a keyword in a blog post is a no-go. Should not be happening. What you're saying is probably wonderful, just make it a lil' easier to skim read. Once people are interested in one part of your post, they're likely to continue reading the rest of your sweet words. 

Annd thats my ranting done, but I'm sure I'm not the only one to have the same lil' gripes associated with blogs. Just make it look pretty, use a cute snap & write like you would illiterate it to a gal pal. Any other things I've missed off do let me know, these are just the things that I look at & think 'nope' without a second thought, but I'm sure theres plenty more! 

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