Olu Deniz, Turkey

Story time.. 

It was a Thursday, Dad texts: 'Hi love, do you want to go away next week?'. I, of course, agree. Who wouldn't? The next morning, Friday, we were in the travel agents, no idea where to go or how long for. Two hours later & we walked out with tickets to leave on the Monday for week, to Turkey. 

Dad had never visited Turkey at all before. & he's 60 (!!). Difficult to believe, given it's such a typical 'brit abroad' destination. I've been 4 times prior. Twice to Olu Deniz, once to Kalkan & once to Side. All beautiful, stunning destinations & hold some of my most precious childhood memories. All the other rich kiddos were off to Florida/America whilst Mum & I made repeated yearly summer holidays to Turkey. It's just beautiful & I couldn't wait to return. 

We didn't wanna do anything crazy for our trip, to be honest. It was our first holiday today together, ever. Just Dad & I. I didn't want pressure of doing loads of things, rushing our time. We wasn't fussed on boat trips, jeep safaris, etc. Just chill time. We did just that, in abundance. I've returned home so brown it's actually amusing. I've spent 2 weeks away before, literally tryna fry my lil self in the sun & not achieved a tan half as impressive as the one I'm currently blessed with. 

Most people at the age of 22, as I understand, are not off on a team holiday with their Pa. Aiya Napa/Magaluf/Zante/Benidorm are all common with people my age, gerrin' wasted with their pals. Na, not for me, thankyou. Give me my 60 year old best mate & I'm sweet. He's honestly the most funny, chill & loving parent & I feel so blessed to have spent this week together with him. 

HOTEL (Marcan Resort Hotel)

Our hotel was newly built, only it's 4th year open to the public. Safe to say it was an absolute dream. The backdrop was so surreal to wake up to everyday it looked as though it was some sort of fake background they projected. I never once stopped being in awe of the constant view of such beauty. Due to recent events in Istanbul, the hotel was also at less than 1/4 capacity. Only 25 of the 125 rooms were filled. Though this wasn't the best for their bizzinizz, for us it was pretty sweet. Pretty much a private pool, no early morning risers to fight for a sunbed & (most importantly) plenty of food left at the dessert bar. 


Without a doubt my favourite time spent in Olu Deniz was at the blue lagoon. Swimming in crystal blue waters surrounded by fishes & turtles was the most surreal dreamy experience. A stark change to the rainy, English weather I'm currently experiencing. Blue skies, not a single cloud & blisteringly hot weather. I'd do anything to be back, sunning myself silly & snacking on magnums. 

Safe to say Dad completely fell in love with Turkey, too. We were so blessed the entire week with ridiculously beautiful weather, into the late 30's everyday with constant clear blue skies. I was so beyond sad to come home back to the depressingly dismal English version of 'summer'. Lets hope it's not another 22 years before we're off on another adventure together..