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Brits abroad: Observations

Brits abroad: Observations

Turkey is a what I would class as a classic 'brit abroad' destination. A common package holiday, not too long haul, guaranteed beautiful sunshine & well catered/easily adaptable for the British way of life. On a recent trip there, it was relatively easy to spot the Brits from the heard. We (sometimes myself included) all posses & uphold certain characteristics that are classics of the stereotypical Brit on their summer vacay. 

A beach towel from a previous holiday

This occurred to me once my Pa whipped out his 5 year-old, overly used Portugal towel to reserve his sunbed. He's even brought it home, ready for round 6.

Sunbed reserving competitions

This occurs mostly in busy hotels at peak times, so wasn't an issue for us at our hotel was at less than 1/4 capacity. But often is the case that fully grown adults will wake up, before sunrise, march down to the pool & aggressively put their towels on specific sunbeds, marking them as their own. I've been there & done that, not one to repeat again. It's a bloody holiday, ain't noone got time for that. 

Making holiday pals

My Dad, out of every single person I know (so not that many then..) literally THRIVES of making himself a good holiday pal. It doesn't matter who they are, Dad would talk to them, about anything. Not just Dad though. It's so common to just see people in the sea, of a similar age, casually swim closer to each other & then keep themselves afloat for half an hour while they have a good chin wag. 

Inflatable Pool Toys

Lilos, rubber rings & noodles. All so common. All get left behind in the inflatable toys graveyard, or passed onto one of your holiday pals.

Drinks in the pool

Sitting around on your lilo, having a good craic in the pool with your newly found holiday pal is always accompanied by a drink from the pool bar. If it's all inclusive, then the Brits are definitely on the booze at 12pm, no excuses. 

bringing unnecessary shit

This was apparent at security, where my Dad surprised everyone there by whipping out a travel kettle from his holdall. We were going all inclusive, but why in gods name anyone would need a kettle on board an aircraft is beyond me. Also, 6 CDs, yet no CD player. Two jars of coffee & a pair of ripped shorts with no way to repair them. My head was gone at the kettles appearance, so you can see this was just an introduction for what was yet to emerge.

Rinsing the all inclusive

Bar closes at 11pm? At 10:50pm expect to see the absolute masses of the hotel asking for at least 3 drinks each, then watch them struggle to carry practically the entire bars worth of alcohol back to their table for their new holiday chums. Not to mention going absolutely ham at the buffet. Personally, I like to sample one of every desert option on the menu & play a game figuring out what they are. Often this ends in disappointment & an audible 'omg, definitely not', but I enjoy it nonetheless. 

Getting far too into the hotel entertainment

Never have I seen a 60 year old grown man more disappointed that he couldn't partake in the belly dancing competition.  As his 22 year old daughter, I felt it only right I preserve some of his dignity.

Annd thats me done. Any other observations you've seen whilst on your vaycay do let me know. I know I've missed off many, but these were the ones that stuck with me/scarred me the most. 




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