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The dreamy Cotswolds

The dreamy Cotswolds

By now, we all know I love the countryside. So, on a tour of the south, the Cotswolds had to make a rather large appearance. Countryside, greenery & gorgeous houses in abundance. It was every bit as perfect as I had imagined it to be, & more.

As a Cotswolds newbie, I was so giddy to visit. Lush houses & greenery is my thang, so with the camera out, we began.. 


Driving up from Bath, we approached Cirencester first. The largest town in the Cotswolds & a small taster for us as to what the Cotswolds can offer. 

This is without a doubt home to some of the most beautiful houses I've seen, ever. This street below, Cecily Hill, is home tot the most photographed group of houses in the Cotswolds, appaz. It's so easy to see why. We spent a leisurely morning around here, getting a little bit lost & a whole lot happy at house-seeing. A much better alternative to sight-seeing, if you ask me. 


Look at all the beautiful greeeen! My insta theme whilst I was here was pretty darn beautiful. You can see why. Everywhere is just green..!! & delicious & perfect. This place was my favourite, out of the few places we visited. Driving through I was just shocked by how magical the many bridges looked, going over the most shallow little river, watching children play & doggies paddle. It was like another world, a whole million miles away from my home town where the most exciting event to occur recently is a fresh Lidl being built. Awful.


More beautiful houses, green & perfect country. 


No snaps of how truly beautiful it was here, as theres a recurring theme of green, beautiful houses & my Mum looking like a babe. I've already shared my fave snaps from the other places, so here are some snaps of me feeding ducks out the back of my car. Such a me thing to do, quite frankly. Half a lemon cake mum made & defrosted, some of our uneaten sandwiches & whatever else was lying around ended up being these guys lunch. 

The Cotswolds is just delicious, in all forms. We made a particular babe of a pal in Stow-on-the-Wold. An little absolute dream called Stevie who served us the most incredible afternoon tea & chatted for so long about his future life plans. He was so sweet I couldn't talk to him without crying, just a little absolute babe. When people are that genuinely kind it moves me so much & I just get all emosh, it's so rare to find such honestly sweet people. 

Sadly, we only had one day here. & a cheeky morning after, we needed more time than we had planned so we went off for another explore in the morning. 

So, next, onto Oxford..

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