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Harry Potter locations in Oxford

Harry Potter locations in Oxford

The 3rd stop on our roadtrip of the south was Oxford. Known for its excessive house prices, prestigious university, and many, many Harry Potter locations. I naturally scoured our as many as we could in our very limited time there & got a lil' too giddy at the thought.. Like, am I dreaming? I am actually fortunate enough to have been brought up with the most magical series going, but then I can actually go driving around this majestic country with my wonderful Mum & spend my time finding certain locations featured in my fave films..? Surreal. 

It was a rather Harry Potter themed trip, tbf. The day before we visited Hogwarts. AKA Gloucester Cathedral. That in itself was incredible & just a lil' overwhelming to visit. Oxford held many spots, as did Cambridge (post to follow!). Pretty much my dream trip. 

I didn't get around to seeing all the HP sights, purely due to time. But I saw & snapped two of my faves.. 

New College Tree

The tree beneath this gorgeous archway is where Madeye turned Malfoy into a ferret, much to McGonagalls horror in the Goblet of Fire. 

Bodleian Library

The inside of this glorious building is home to a particular spectacularly crafted ceiling that was used as Hogwarts infirmary and the base for Hogwarts library. 

I said, sadly only a couple of stops & snaps. But still, pretty sweet to experience & see where it was filmed. 

The gorgeous Brooke over at World of Wanderlust (my absolute fave blog, ever) wrote a much more in depth post that I'd recommend for HP tips a thousand times over my own, link: here.


Our trip to Oxford was short but sweet. I have to say, out of our 4 destinations, Oxford was my least favourite & not somewhere I wouldn't be itching to revisit. Not to say it wasn't beautiful, because it was. But for me personally, it was lacking something. I like a friendly vibe & a mix of country & city, whereas I felt Oxford was more like a mini London. Very busy, studenty & not very personal. You're one of many, rushing & not looking 'up'. That was my general vibe anyway. Or it may have something to do with the fact our hotel was in the grimmest area/potential crack den. 

Next up, our final stop, Cambridge..

Exploring Cambridge

Exploring Cambridge

The dreamy Cotswolds

The dreamy Cotswolds