Exploring Cambridge

The last stop on our tour of the south was Cambridge. After 2 hour drive from Oxford & a trip to Bicester Village on the way, we arrived at our last destination. We sadly only had a few hours here as we (I) had to face a gruelling 5 hour drive home afterwards, so we made it short but sweet. 

So, it turns out, little to my knowledge, punting is kind of a big deal in Cambridge. Oh how I wish I'd known sooner & we could have planned extra time for one of those pretty fellas with extremely nice arms & swoony-worthy accents to take us down the river. Aye aye. It looked so relaxing & a perfect way to spend the afternoon, but our car-parking ticket said no, sadly. It was just as beautiful to watch though. Especially when families did it right with was a cute dog in tow, a lil' bit of wine & blankets.. Dream. 

Little side story.. As I was stood on this bridge, happily taking my snaps of the nice boys with nice arms doing their punting thang, a fella of around 50, wearing a sweet 3-piece suit, with no teeth, carrying a LK Bennet shopping bag came over to me & told me I was 'very beautiful'. I laughed & said thanks, because I'm not a complete bitch. He then asked 'Can I be your boyfriend?'. I laughed & said no, because of course he bloody well can't. He then proceeded to turn to my Mum & ask her 'Can I be her boyfriend?'. She laughed & said no, I 'have the best boyfriend at home who couldn't treat me any better' (lol asif). He said 'You're gonna let her settle, for that?'. Like, I can't even make this crap up. He continued harassing us for a wee bit until we made a swift exit & left him to his own devices.


Cambridge was honestly beautiful & I loved the (very short) amount of time I got to spend here. It had the feeling of country, a bit of city & a very friendly vibe, throughout. Something that I felt Oxford lacked. Here, wherever you turned there was something new to uncover. It was such a little treat to explore as theres always a surprise, no matter where you're headed. 

I had the preconception that Cambridge would be extremely prestigious, which I undoubtably felt it was. The history here is incredible & you certainly feel it when walking around. I'm not going to make out I'm some Cambridge history buff, because we all know that is one thing which I certainly am not. But even I can appreciate how magical it is.

Our trip sadly ended here & we headed home! It was such a wonderful little trip spent together. Just Mum & I, driving around, making plans as we go. So much freedom, just perfect.