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Falling in love with Bath

Falling in love with Bath

Mum & I recently embarked on a road trip of the south. We're so lucky to live so central in the country. Either end is a maximum 5 hour drive away, at most. It's so easy to drive around & explore, yet we hadn't done it before. 22 years here & most of it has gone unseen. We had a lil research, picked out a few places, booked a few hotels & set off. Just us two, my car, tonnes of snacks (imperative) & Spotify. 5 days, seeing a different city each day. Our first stop was Bath. 

After a fairly brutal 3 & 1/2 hour car drive, we arrived.. To pouring rain. Not a small downpour, no. Torrential rain. I have certain (rare) moments where I really love the UK. This, was not one of them. There was no chance we were going to let this ruin our one day here, so out came the (what were supposed to have been) waterproof macs & we headed off for the Roman Baths. 

Roman Baths

The entire city of Bath is so incredible rich with history & culture, the roman baths are just the pinnacle. I'm not going to give you a history lesson right here, right now. That is most certainly not why anyone comes to visit my blog, letz be reul. But if you have a lil' google & read about the magic of them, it's pretty sweet. I found it so fascinating to hear about the history, and I'm not your most history loving gal. The very enthusiastic woman on my audio guide kept me interested. I think it was more so the game of pressing the right combo into the machine & following her instructions was more so the appeal, than actually listening to over 90 different snippets about the history of the romans, in all honesty. 

If you touched the water (despite signs telling me not to, naughty) it was actually warm. You could see it bubbling & the steam emerging above the water. That, is what I consider to be magic. Or potentially the next, most magical thing after Harry Potter.

Bath Abbey

A trend with me & I believe many others, is that upon viewing a new city, you hunt out its prettiest churches & take an excessive amount of snaps. We did just that. But in keeping with the rest of the insane architecture, the abbey did not disappoint. Not that any abbeys/churches do, as they're all somehow insanely beautiful, but this one felt that lil' bit extra special. 

My beautiful Mum always gets overly emotional in churches. We thought lighting a candle in memory of my grandad would be a sweet touch & a memory we can hold onto. I write a little prayer for him & left it there, amongst other peoples wishes & prayers. 

We spent soso long around the abbey. It was such a wonderful way to escape the rain & experience another rich part of the city. 

We left & spend a little while in a gorgeous tea rooms having what was arguably the most delicious caramel flapjack, ever. 

Not to spoilt the rest of my blog posts on our lil' trip, but Bath was my fave. It may not look spectacular in the snaps I've got as sadly the rain was just a killer. I didn't want to get out my precious camera in the downpour for risk of breaking it, meaning I missed out on some absolute beaut shots. But I'm a total sucker for any city with consistent, old & beautiful architecture throughout. Bath had this in absolute abundance. The buildings were just on an entirely different level to anywhere else I've visited. I fell in love with the place before I'd even parked my car, it's just absolutely breathtaking. You southern people have it gooood. Not to mention the fellas are pretty damnn fine! Nothing on our grim northern boys & their ripped skinnies. No, no thankyou.

The mix of country, city & friendly peeps sold it to me, hands down, over anywhere else I've visited. If I could afford to move there next year, I would do. Sadly, it's not the case. Fingers crossed for a few years I'd be able to call it my future home. 

The dreamy Cotswolds

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