Quarry Bank Mill

Since I have such a deep love for being outside, seeing beautiful places & gorgeous old buildings, it's no surprise I love National Trust properties. Therefore, it's no surprise I'm a member. And a pretty proud one at that. Twenty-two going on eighty-two and what not. I wouldn't change it, going to put the badge in my car anytime too, just to really show off my cool-kid status. 

Quarry Bank Mill has been on my list of NT places to visit for a while, google really did a pretty good sell to me. It was a beautifully sunny Saturday afternoon in England, so the three of us bundled into the car and headed off for a walk and a (very satisfying) photography session. 

Quarry Bank Mill is just a beautiful place in itself. Obviously, having my baby with us we couldn't go inside the actual mill. But the grounds it's situated in are stunning. We walked all around, right to the top and got the most beautiful view. Piggy was a happy baby licking my left over delicious almond magnum ice cream, Mum was happy walking, seeing the gorgeous landscaping & I was happy snapping away. Perfect day all around. Just the escape we all needed. 

I genuinely couldn't be more in love with my precious baby dog or my beautiful Mum. Our little family is absolute life. They're my whole world, these two gems right here. Spending time together, just us 3 with no distractions just fills my soul with happiness. Soppy but true. They deserve all the appreciation, & more. They make me who I am and I couldn't imagine my life without either of them. Pig gives me unconditional love & devotion, Mum is relentless with love & support. The two of them are all I could ever need & much more.  

I've grown up & evolved, some of you would liken me to a Pokemon, it would seem. I've realised Lightroom is the way forward. Yes, I may be the last person to have ever realised this, but at least I am finally now firmly pro Lightroom. I've been teaching it to myself & edited these photos using my new found love & skill. Or, soon to be skill. I need alot of improvement, but I'm so in love with it. 

So ends our perfect family day. These photos make me so, so happy to have. I love photographing these two & knowing I'll be able to have these memories forever.