7 hours in Dublin

I'm not one to do things by halves. My ideal of a perfect day out is climbing some kind of mountain, being outside & exploring. So the fact I went to Dublin as a 'day out' sums this up. Flight out 7am, return flight 8pm. Hectic, intense & exciting. 

Dublin & Ireland in general are places I've always wanted to visit. The fact that they're only a 30 minute plane ride away makes it too easy to hop over. Going to uni in Liverpool, I am constantly surrounded by Irish babes. During my time there I've made 2 bffls that are both Irish & made 0 English pals. The links between Liverpool & Ireland make it too easy not to take advantage of. A cheeky £20 return deal made the whole trip even sweeter. 

I love exploring new cities & seeing what gems they have to uncover. We went with no specific plan regarding activities to do in Dublin, just a lil' bit of googling & alot of walking, letting it reveal itself to us. This is always my fave method of exploring, despite the crippling destruction of feet that follow. 

After seeing all the main sights: castle, bridges, high street, cathedral, trinity college etc. We headed for arguably the most renowned tourist attraction in Dublin, the Guinness Storehouse. I am by far the least fan of beer there ever could be, but even I was excited to go have a little play in a brewing factory. 

Far too chuffed with myself that the first pint I pulled was inside the Guinness factory in Dublin, surreal. Such a cool experience & we were taught by the most delicious little Irish babe of a gal who was more than happy to share her little secrets on how to pull the best pint. Not that I drink mine, mind. I took the smallest sip, felt instantly ill & palmed it off to Alex. Yo gal ain't a beer fan. 

After missing out bus back to the airport & having to hop on a peasant wagon to shuttle us back, we arrived to the airport safely, bleeding feet & tired bodies in tact. 27,000 steps later, we had explored Dublin in 7 hours.