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Kos, Greece

Kos, Greece

Mum & I were itchy after our roadtrip to the south, wanting a little abroad type of deal. A skyscanner search found reasonable flights to Kos, leaving on exactly the dates we were after. A hotel 10 minutes walk from the islands most glorious beach was swiftly booked. So had it, a gals holiday to Greece with Mum. 

Kos Town

We were staying in a little part of Kos called Tigaki, but I'll tell you all about that later ;). For a day trip out we caught the bus to the town. 

I'll let the Mum in her babealicious hat & the pictures do the talking, but it was pretty darn beautiful. Not the white & blue scenes of Santorini & sorts that are usually associated with Greece, but just gorgeous. 

The port was seriously something else. The fellas who own these majestic ships must be pretty pleased with themselves because just, wow. These snaps do not justice. They were huge, pristine & beautiful, bobbing up and down on the crystal water. 


The quietest part of the island, home to Kos' most pristine beach. It was gorgeous.

Mum wanted a real quiet, relaxing holiday. Every day was pretty similar for us. Wake up, read, have breakfast, beach, lazy lunch, beach, hotel & chill. Literally the least exertion from anyone, ever. As there wasn't much entertainment at night, we made sure to have really lazy, long days playing in the sea, our toes in the sand. Being total sun babies until around 8pm, watching the sunset, then wandering back to our hotel, buying something for dinner from the sweet couple & their precious vegetable stall. Dreamy. 


Looking like an absolute A1 tourist outside our fave lunch haunt. Delicious mozzarella & 'tomatini' (they said it, not me) salads cancelled out by the most deliciously hot, salty chips was a daily occurrence. 

Therein ends out magical holiday. It has to be the most relaxed we've both felt for a stupid amount of time. As uni ends & all changes next year, this may be out last 'summer holiday' together. I'll be working, buying my own home & moving away, so who knows when our hols will be. Such a wonderful week spent in the sun before heading back to uni for my final year.

I also came back the brownest I have ever, ever been. I am darker than even the darkest fake tans. My tan lines are worse than that scene of Ross in Friends. It's quite insane. Not complaining though ;). 

7 hours in Dublin

7 hours in Dublin

Climbing Snowdon

Climbing Snowdon