Ah, skyscanner. You are beyond addicting. Anytime I feel like I may have a couple of free days away from the hell of final year I'm scouring your pages for a little getaway to somewhere you decide. For this time, Luxembourg. 

I love the feature of clicking 'everywhere', finding a flight that has good times to a place you never would have even considered before. It's completely changed the way I think towards travel and I genuinely couldn't be happier since discovering it. 

A Hilton hotel booking, two backpack and a pilot doing a 'second go' at landing later, we arrived in Lux. 

We had no preconceptions before we arrived, but from the snaps knew it was gonna be pretty special. It's a strange mix. Beautiful buildings, like, beautiful. Huge sections of greenery. A safe, homely feel to the city. Not surprising, since the population is only 500k for a country 1% of the size of the UK. This would explain why pretty much everywhere was closed on a Saturday night, much to our amazement. 

We spent 3-days wandering, exploring, relaxing and laughing. It was pretty spectacular. Though the city was wonderful, and I was like a working cocker excited to go hunting everyday, my favourite part was the time spent at the hotel. Our Sunday night was spent swimming in the huge, empty swimming pool in the Hilton just us two. This is following an overly indulgent Chinese and the discovery that Sam had forgotten his trunks and forced to swim in his CKs. That to me was true happiness. Being complete dick heads together in a business pool with not a care in the world. If only every Sunday night could be spent like that instead of the hell of dissertation and exam prep. 

We thought we did well, on tourist terms at least, by purchasing Luxembourg cards. Unbeknownst to us, the overly-confused lady at the Hilton reception sold us two 2-day passes for a family of 4. So essentially we had free travel and entrance to everything around the city for 8 people. No complaints from us, of course. On the Monday we were due to fly home, we had a little deciding time in our favourite bagel shop, where we planned our day. Lots of them were off limits due to travel time, but we did spot a science museum that we would just about be able to fit in, if we were smart about it. So we boarded the double decker fancy-ass Lux train and hauled ourselves 40 minutes west of the city. Only to be very confused when we arrived at a building site. We checked the travel guide and saw in very small print it didn't open until October. With no choice but to laugh at our stupid mistake, we got the train back and bought 4 pastries as consolation. 


It was honestly the best 3-days we've had together in a while. Completely detached from home stress, just being complete pricks together in a fresh place. Nothing better.