I'm not a 'girly' girl

I've done a few more personal posts recently and I've honestly loved every one I've wrote. I do now, and will always write the type of blog I would personally love to read. I'm nosy, I like knowing the ins and outs of peoples lives. As I'm sure we all do, because lets face it, we're gals (most of us). Galdem like a stalk. It's human nature to want to know about others. I personally like it as a form of validation, almost? I've been surrounded by the same 'type' of people for far too long now, as mentioned in my previous post (link). The internet is always a little friendly reminder that we're all different and lovely and fabulous and loved and beautiful, regardless. So I thought I'd discuss how I'm not a 'girly' girl, as I know I'm not the only one.

To me, a 'girly' is your stereotypical popular doll. She likes her anastasia brow wiz, her kat von d contour and her eyelash extensions. She's partial to a spray tan or 7, likes the impractical, expensive & overdone acrylics and sports a 500 gifted off daddy for her 18th. Her fella and his BMW M5 have rarely seen her without her entire glow-up. Probs has minimal banter, won't even admit she shits never mind has a frank poo descriptive discussion. She may also enjoy a chihuahua called Daddy. Someone who I would describe as 'dry', potentially 'sahara dry'. I've came across a couple of these dolls in my life and they just ain't for me. I don't relate. Just to compare, I'm more of a 'I only have one jumper in my 5 jumper selection that I like-how many times a week have I worn it? can i get away with wearing it one more time as it's around different people and they haven't experienced it for a minimum of 4 days?' kinda gal. Don't get me wrong, I like to look cute and shit. Like, of course I do. I'm a gal. I'll do my makeup, hair and if I'm lucky and have the option pick a pair of jeans that aren't covered in dog slobber. But that's it. I don't really care to be honest. 

For my birthday Sam wanted so badly to take me to a nice hotel for a weekend away, have champagne and be fancy but I completely flat out refused. It just isn't me. It doesn't interest me. Sure I guess it would be nice at the time but it's so lavish I would feel so uncomfortable and fake. Instead I popped Sam into my car, drove 4 hours deep into the Lakes, camped in freezing October on a constantly-deflating air bed and climbed a mountain for 7 hours in the rain. And I loved every single second of it. To me that is an experience. That is memories-something that enriches your life. I'd chose that over being 'cute' or 'looking nice' or fear of 'not getting dirty'. Nah. Get a bit filthay gal. 

If we're going out for dinner, tinted moisturiser and a bit of lipgloss is grand. No need for 3 different chokers, tits out and gems on teeth. I like being comfortable, you feel? I'm not talking leggings and trainers, but theres absolutely no need for a crop top and heels at a Chinese buffet on a Saturday night. It's depressing enough for us all but it's only heightened at the fact we may inhale one of your fake primark eyelashes when slurping up our reheated noodles, doll. 

I guess what I'm saying is I've accepted the fact that I ain't a daddy-dependent fiat 500 driver with lip injections. I understand this is all terrible sterotypical but I know some galdem will catch my feels on this one. I've never been like that. I didn't want my NVQ level 2 in beauty. I've never had fake nails. Or a spray tan. Or a spa day. Or a blow out. To me that is indulgent and to be honest, a waste of money. I would much rather have a true enriching experience than pay dolla to have some plastic nails make my hands not only uncooperative but also a weapon. 

To put it into perspective, right now is exam prep, dissertation, job prep, report-writing time. Yeah its fucking hell, honestly. This is where the true, grim, troll-esque Katie comes out. I'm currently sporting a fantastic combo of 6-day unwashed hair, week-long unshaven everywhere, week-upon-week unwashed joggers and hoodie and a a two week makeup-free face. It's vile but it's necessary. Who can honestly be arsed to glow-up everyday. No fucker is seeing me so I'm cool being very unfresh, no drama.

Other dolls out there who aren't a 'girly girl', come at me gals and we can unite. I know I'm not the only one who doesn't do a little fap over the typical girl shite.