Oslo, Norway

Oslo, for reasons unbeknownst to even me, has been a place I've always wanted to visit. I think the beauty of Norway and the Fjords just sets it apart from elsewhere. 

We hadn't set a plan of activities to do prior to our arrival (typical) so relaxed into exploring at our own pace, seeing how it revealed itself to us. The one thing it did reveal, however, was you pretty much have to have out a small loan to function. A basic dinner consisting of starters, no main and two soft drinks was around £50, it actually hurt. 

I think the highlight for me was visiting Songsvann, the gloriously snow-covered, frosted lake shown below. Spending our Sunday afternoon wandering around there was dreamy and really showed off the beauty of Oslo. Climbing to the top of the Opera House on Saturday night and having the view of the whole city was also pretty spectacular. 


It was a truly beautiful place and only leaves me wanting to explore more of Norway. One winter we will make it to the northern lights, that's a real bucket list item.