Cotswolds farm park

During our recent bank holiday weekend spent in the Cotswolds (link: here), we visited Adam Hensons Farm Park. This was so brilliantly spotted by Sam on our journey down from Coventry, who then insisted we go just so he could see me menstruate over small animals. 

We ventured our way over following checking our from our gorgeous barn conversion after having waved goodbye to the could-be, we-wish-they-were adoptive parents, Rose and David. Upon arrival it was abundantly clear this was aimed at and designed for children. This only made me want to go even more so, given the advert of a 'touching barn', I was full of excitement and prepped with an excess of hand sanitiser. We equipped ourselves with a bag of 'feed', which distributed itself throughout my bag and to this day almost two weeks on is still scattered and has travelled to Cancun, Mexico with me. 

Without a doubt the touching barn was my fave part, as was bottle feeding tiny bby sheep <3. The shearing experience too was pretty cool to experience, especially the speed one very talented gal took the full coat off a very overgrown sheep. That's quite the talent. 

I'd 1000% recommend a trip here if you're a) an animal lover, b) in the cotswolds, or c) wanting to relive your youth and play with babies. At 23 & 24 it was one of the best days we'd had together in so long. It's just pure bliss and carefree, having a little luxury day spent with animals.