Cancun, Mexico

Throughout my final exams, I was so done. I couldn't see any end to the 12 hour days of hell. I craved sun, sand and sea. I needed something, anything to look forward to. Sam & I had already said we would have a summer holiday to celebrate me finishing, but the planning became such a wonderful distraction from revision. We (I-Sam got fed up of my indecisiveness) spent all my time on skyscanner, looking at where was the furthest away, for the least money, for the longest time. Not asking for much ofc. I just wanted to play on a beach with my lad for a couple of weeks.

We found flights to Cancun so cheap, for a long time for dates that would mean Sam had to take minimal time off work. So, tentatively we booked the tickets. Tentatively because we were a bit 'omg we're actually going to flipping Mexico together', it felt quite surreal. We decided to split our time spent in Mexico between Cancun and Tulum-a week in each to make the most of our time there. Also, because we aren't the biggest fan of others (ppl can be annoyin' in general but when in 'holiday mode' really are not sufferable), we airbnb'd to our hearts content and rented two separate flats for each location. 

I had just about a week post exams to recover, pack and set off. After a taxi, two trains, a 10 1/2 hour plane (the Thomson dreamliner is, infact, dreamy) and a shuttle bus, we arrived in Cancun. We stayed in the hotel zone (actual translation), which faced the Caribbean side of the ocean. It was every bit as beautiful as we had imagined. The clearest, blue sea and white sand. It's all I wanted, I was so blissfully happy and still in shock I was actually in actual Mexico. This is a huge deal for me, given the furthest I've been on a place was to Cape Verde last March. I was never one of those kiddos who jetted off to Florida for their summer hols with their entire rich fam. It's only just recently that I've learnt to save and appreciate travel, go to places I've always wanted to and make the most of it. It's something I'll never take for granted and forever feel grateful for. Especially that I now have a pretty sweet lad to experience it all with ;). 

Even though sadly for our week there it rained alot and was quite cloudy, it was beautiful. And we still, luckily, got quite tan. Or burnt. As you can see, Sam, somehow unbeknownst to us, burnt a handprint into his stomach. Honestly neither of us have any idea how this happened and it is quite creepy. Thankfully it's disappeared and faded in tandem with his burn. 

The road our apartment was on was home to the Ritz Carlton, the Hard Rock and Secrets, The Vine hotels. Pretty much the most swanky hotels in Cancun. We were lucky enough to be able to use their shared beach which was a 20 second walk from our flat. When we wern't there, we were at Playa Delfines. A more public beach, a 10 minute bus ride away. The buses in Cancun, are something else. The drivers set off before you've even fully got onto the bus, they're texting/calling while driving, drive at 100 and just don't give a single shit. It's next level chill. Playa Delfines, more towards the right side of the beach, served the biggest, most delicious & strongest frozen cocktails. That bucket (only accurate word) that Sam is drinking was a heavy Mojito, the best either of us have ever tasted. We made the mistake of eating nothing throughout the day following breakfast and survived our days on cocktails. Safe to say getting the bus home, getting off at the right stop and stumbling home was reoccurring. Honestly the best days of the holiday were spent there. Just relaxing, laughing and being swept away and attacked by the vicious sea. 

Our time in Cancun ended so quickly, but it was bittersweet knowing we had another long, relaxing week left to spend in Tulum. Our journey there (To Tulum from Cancun) wasn't the easiest, to say the least. Our shuttle didn't show up, so we resorted to an expensive taxi to get to the bus station which we were then informed 'didn't exist' despite the ADO bus website saying otherwise and ended up paying ยฃ140 return taxi for our 1 1/2 hour trip. Intense, but we did get to experience the Mexico roads in full which was pretty insane. Again, no one really gave a shit. We had planned to rent a car and do the drive ourself but the deposit was insane, neither of us were prepared to risk ยฃ600, especially after seeing how mental the roads were. 

The next post will detail our time spent in Tulum, and even better the absolutely heavenly apartment we bagged ourselves!