Barriers to blogging

The topic of this post is something I believe everyone (who blogs) struggles with. I've found recently that I've had many 'barriers to blogging', some through no fault of my own and others for different reasons. I love this blog, I really do. Whenever I get a wave of passion and feel the urge to write, share and create it's wonderful. It works and the growth I get fills me with delight and makes me question why I don't commit fully all the time. Yet, that isn't as easy as it sounds. Life can be a bitch, basically. It gets in the way. Other people get in the way. Comparison gets in the way. It isn't easy to be motivated, creative and committed 100% of the time, and thats ok.

Life being a right bitch

Speaks for itself really. Life is a bit of a prick. I've just finished 3 years at uni, the final of which was brutal and left me spending 14 hours a day at my computer cramming any and all kind of nutritional bullshit in. As you can imagine, this left 0 time for having a life, therefore 0 things to blog about and 0 inspiration to write about anything other than how much I fucking despise the 4, 3 hour exams I was about to face. Juggling that with a long distance (4 hour drive) relationship and keeping that afloat was a rough few months. I neglected the blog and I hated it that I was neglecting it. Feeling constantly 0 passion for something that used to be such a wonderful escape for me left me feeling even more lost with what to do with it. 

I've got more into it now, but it took a while to feel that way. It's difficult after being constantly just on for uni to realise that yeah, it is ok to spend time on other things and the actual importance of it. 

Pressure & comparison

The pressure that comes with not growing your blog to it's 'full potential' is intense. So much recently is focused upon using blogs for businesses, for creating a whole life based around it. Yet I feel it's often forgot that people, like myself, blog because they just purely enjoy it. Blog to use it as a sort of diary, a way of connecting with likeminded people and making relationships. Just using it as a way to share a few pics and a few words. Instead, the focus placed upon scheduled posts/tweets/instagrams, personal promotion and insanely spectacular content creation is extreme. I understand for some (arguebly lucky) ones amongst us that it's essential, and that's cool. I fully support that and quite clearly the lifestyle achieved from blogging can be immense and something I could never envision living. More power to them, it's pretty spectacular what some bloggers have achieved. But I feel almost uninspired, almost put down, when I (inevitably) compare myself to them. It makes me wonder 'why bother posting that, when their content is like that?' 'will people even care about what I have to say, when they could read their posts?'. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. It's so sad but kind of a given to feel that way. 

I personally don't read blogs that are more like magazines as that isn't what draws me in. I'm attracted to smaller, more personal and more importantly realistic blogs. I don't care what new designer bag you've got for free, I literally couldn't give a shit. It doesn't make you a good person, it isn't realistic and I cannot relate. I look for people who I can relate to. Yes, I want to know I am not the only one who is an actual freaking human not hiding behind any kind of facade. It restores my faith in humanity. Yet being surrounded by so much fake bullshit it's quite off putting to then think 'well if this content is popular, no one will want to hear me rant about contraception for a bit too long' even if it is completely necessary. This does link into more of the 'blogs vs bloggers' debate, which is a whole other post. I will say though, I am a 'bloggers before blogs' kinda gal. 

This fakery and comparison has never affected my content though. If I'm not about that, I'm not about that. I just do me, I write about whatever I would want to read, in the hopes others do. It has though lessened what I post, and  I think much more about it before I do post. 

Being overwhelmed

I find that I'm in between being uninspired and feeling like my blog is pretty shit compared to others, to feeling so inspired I'm overwhelmed with the amount of content I want to create. Like right now, as I'm writing this, I feel like I could write all night. My brain is flooded with ideas, ways to create and things I want to share. But then I find I have to take a step back and look at all my ideas, rule out ones which are pretty shite and ones that people might actually enjoy and go from there. It's a difficult medium and I find I go in equal waves of both.

This actually felt really good to put down into words. It's almost therapeutic to realise what is actually stopping me create the content I want.  And now I'm currently in the 'being overwhelmed with ideas' stage, so hopefully the blog is going to look a little more full and frequent (wehey) from now on..!