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Life changes (excitement levels high)

Life changes (excitement levels high)

So, I've graduated *cheer*. The day was fabulous, frantic and overly fancy. It left me feeling very loved and appreciated by those dearest to me. It was wonderful, but it was something I'd been waiting for since I first began university some 3 years ago. I've said this before on here (link: here), but I never went into uni after the 'party, life out, be a complete tramp for 3 years' life. Not that theres anything wrong with that, my dear friends did that with pride and loved it. It's just not and never has been for me. I've always been quite academically focused, though by no means am I a grade A student (2:1 dolls hollaaaa). I wanted a degree to get a good job, simple. And I was lucky enough to be able to stay at home while doing so. However, I am 23. I am 23 and have never lived out. I have lived at home for 23 years. Now, while it's wonderful and my home is beautiful consisting of Mum, my baby piglet (dog) and I, I am beyond ready to leave. I have been since before I started. But, now, that is all possible. Because..


..can you tell I'm elated?

This has by no means 'landed on my lap' and no, I've not 'been really lucky'. Heres a not so little story..

Since September, I have applied for every single graduate scheme possible. Every one. Every nutrition related job, every non-nutrition related job and everything in between has had a copy on my CV and a very personalised cover letter. I've been through 3 graduate schemes, right through to those all day disgusting, vile assessment centres and subsequently failed all 3. I've been for 2 interviews and failed both, yet continued to apply for jobs every single day without fail. It's so, so soul crushing. Relentless rejection is absolutely hideous to experience, and it completely destroyed my confidence. That isn't me being dramatic, it honestly did. I felt at a complete loss. Why had I spent 3 years studying a degree, for not even minimum wage jobs to even give me an interview? Also, why the fuck do minimum wage salaried jobs require a degree and 2 years experience. Fuck off. 

The rejection made me feel quite hollow and honestly hopeless. I felt like no matter how fabulous my CV was, how much experience I had or whatever shit I wrote in my cover letter, no one was biting. It was just endless and the most brutal experience. It was copeable before graduation as I was still technically a 'uni student' and 'in education', but once I graduated, it hit me like a brick. I was 23, living at home, unemployed and had nothing to look forward to except days of rejection.

A love story (lol)..

A while back, I had applied for a QA job (food shit) where the position had been filled, and I'd been put forward for another, much, much, better paid graduate job within the same company.

My dream job, may I add. I have mixed passion for both nutrition and technology. This job was the only one I have ever seen which meshes both in a wonderful, random and perfect for me combo.

In my dream place, Bath. Last year, Mum and I visited for the first time, alongside 3 other cities. Before even getting out of the car, I was in love with Bath and wanted to move there. It's simply perfect. Beyond beautiful architecture, a city feel with delightful boys with even more delightful accents. Farmer boys omgawd. *Sorry Sam*. 

In a company I was cray about.

I slammed through the aptitude tests, which may I add I am now a pro at after completing at least 20 of the fuckers during grad scheme applications. An invite to the second interview secured my love for the place. The environment, employees and approach was so refreshing. The interview was personal, relevant, challenging and insightful. How all interviews should be. Not a generic competency 'tell me about this bullshit team work you did' question in sight. It was a strong test of my knowledge, my personality and abilities and how it would be right for the role. I loved it. An interview that I actually enjoyed and left feeling confident. The day after, I got an invite to a second (and final) interview. It was a 20 minute presentation, factory tour and q&a. I don't normally get nervous before interviews, because I felt that beat down I knew rejection was inevitable. Before this one, I was nervous - to me, this proved how much I wanted this bloody job. Short story, the factory was delightful, people were clever, chill and friendly and I slammed the presentation. Slammed it. Slammed it in my skirt that looked so big for me it looked like I'd borrowed it from my Mum, but still. Slammed it.

Yo gal left feeling completely exhausted. I went back to Sams hotel (every week 4 nights in the Holiday Inn, consultant life-sounds glam but is vile) and had a nap feeling thoroughly deflated. I woke to a phone call. From the company. A mere 3 hours after I left. In previous experience, a quick phone call is a quick rejection. My stomach sunk realising I'd bombed another interview, but it was more bitter because it was a job I really bloody wanted.

It starts..

Company: 'we thought you performed really well during the interview' 

Me: thinking 'but..we're unfortunately not taking your application any further/we aren't able to offer you a role at this time/some other rejection bullshit incoming'

Company: 'we think you'd be a fantastic fit for the company..'

Me: thinking 'butttt..basically no'.

Company: 'and we'd be delighted to offer you the role'

Me: combusts.

Not even an exaggeration. I sobbed to the poor HR lad for a solid 13 minutes. I got repeatedly asked if I was alright and sobbed through right to goodbyes. I didn't have time to process this actual dream before phoning Sam and hyperventilating for another 15 minutes. I just about managed to tell him what had happened through sobs before he sobbed too. As in, ran out of the office elated for me kind of sobbing. Rough half an hour, I sweated through my top and cried my makeup off. All in happiness. I got off the phone from him, sobbed some more. Sobbed in his company paid for Holiday Inn in my interview clothes I was still wearing and had just napped in (vile). Just sat smiling from ear to ear (whilst sobbing), feeling happiness and elation like I'd never felt before. Sounds extra, I know. I'm not mental. I just really wanted a bloody job and I really bloody deserved it and I worked really bloody hard to get it. 

Happy endings are real, whut?..

This job was all the more perfect as it's in Somerset *say in Bristol accent for emphasis*. For those who are unsure, Sam and I have a long distance thang. We make 8 hour round trips, regularly, to see each other. It's fucking dirt. His job splits his time between Bath and Woking (Guildford/Surrey for those non the wiser - I had no clue either), which itself is rough. Really rough. We've made it work thus far but I am at the end of coping with it. I need something more. The long distance life isn't, never has been and never will be for me. I am far too needy for that. I want someone to come home to at night, to watch shit films with, to cook shit food with and someone to fall asleep and wake up next to. This job, along with all it's other wonderful benefits and offerings (did I mention wicked, beyond wicked pay? ;)), lets me have that. It lets us have the relationship we've pined for. Since I was offered it, we've been flat hunting, buying trinkets and being like kids on Christmas. 

All I've ever wanted is to buy home stuff. It's all I've saved for, forever. I saved all my student loan for my house deposit in favour of going out, knowing a house and a home to call mine was all I want. Now that it's happening, it's wonderful. The fact that I can move out, into my own flat, with my own half decent fella (xx true tho) into gorgeous Bath is more exciting and more rewarding to me than the actual job, shhh..! It's the reason why I worked so bloody hard to get a job, with the end being me living in my own place. It's a real 'pinch me wtaf' moment.

Within two weeks, I will have moved 4 hours away from home, be living in Bath, with my honey and starting my actual dream job. I can't believe it's happening, I keep having to pinch myself. I'm so, so excited..!


Barriers to blogging

Barriers to blogging