Tulum, Mexico

The second part of our trip to Mexico saw us spending a week in Tulum, 1 1/2 hours south of Cancun. It's much more quaint, secluded and quiet when compared to Cancun. And a whole lot more breathtaking. 

However, my time spent there was sadly hindered. And by hindered, I mean I spent a total of one day out of our apartment. That day is below. Not good. Firstly, the weather was pretty shit in Tulum. We were expecting a hurricane for most of the time, meaning we were overcome with cloudy, rainy days. This meant lots of days spent in the apartment, dipping in and out our pool when we got a slither of sunshine. If this wasn't bad enough, I somehow managed to get incredibly ill. Ironically. Sam with his bull-like immune system, ate guacamole that was actual liquid chilli and dodge meat from vendors yet felt absolutely nothing, yet my hand-sanitiser obsessed self who washed everything in bottled water and was overly-careful became bed bound. It sounds dramatic, but it was dire. I ended up whatsapping a Mexican doctor to come to our flat, check me over and give me a prescription. This made for a good SC story for Sam of me being touched up on the 'casting couch', but was an absolute vile experience. Being ill is rough enough but being violently ill a day before an 18 hour journey home was horrific. I was first told I was too ill to fly home and to look into postponing my flight, which to me was out of the question. I couldn't ask Sam to stay with me as he was due back in work on the Monday, and I know he wouldn't leave me in Mexico alone. The double-dose prescription worked, miraculously, within 12 hours. I survived off one small bread roll a day and water, for 3 days. To say this wasn't how we expected we would be spending the remainder of our holiday is light. I'm still recovering from being ill still now, over a week later. It makes me so, so sad that it happened when we were in the place we were both most excited to visit.

The one day that I wasn't bed bound, we headed to the Tulum ruins. Yet this was the day it rained the most. It was pretty magical, wandering around looking over all Tulum has to offer, while being in the middle of a tropical storm. Sam particularly enjoyed the ruins as he loves history. Me, not so much. I've never apologised for this, and I don't feel as though I should. I just have different interests. I can of course appreciate the beauty in the ruins, but mostly because Sam enjoys them and they make for pretty sweet pictures. 

These few photos are the only ones I have of Tulum, sadly. Though luckily they are pretty beautiful, and I'm glad I at least got to see this much of it. Sam was so wonderful when I was ill, he stayed with me the whole time. Sadly it means he also missed out on all the activities we had planned. We wanted so badly to go to the cenotes, that's all we wanted to do and hoped everyday that I would be well enough to leave but it never worked out. So, even though we've technically 'been to Tulum', it's still on our list of places to visit seeing as though we saw so little of it. And what little of it we saw, we loved. 

The next post is possibly my favourite, detailing the absolute dreamy apartment we were lucky enough to stay in. I'm still not over it & wish I could have brought it home with me as a souviner!