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Our dreamy apartment in Tulum, Mexico

Our dreamy apartment in Tulum, Mexico

I'm going to be real here and admit first off that our favourite part about our two weeks spent in Mexico was this apartment. That may seem strange, given the outrageously gorgeous surroundings we were so fortunate to be in, but omg this place. It was just something else. 

After our first week in Cancun in a less than satisfying, ant riddled apartment, we were feeling pretty sorry for ourselves. Given it's location, looking over the Ritz Carlton, we felt a little like scrubbers. We felt like we weren't rich enough to play with the cool kids and a little sorry for ourselves. We never wanted to spend any time in there as we just honestly didn't enjoy it. We wanted as much time as possible out of the apartment because it was generally just a bit shit. But, was all we could afford in the crazy Cancun prices. We paid £450ish for a week, so split between us isn't that bad, given the Ritz (opposite) was around £2k for a week *weeps*.  

After looking at booking.com and realising we'd left it a little too last minute to find anywhere reasonably priced and remotely attractive, we headed to airbnb. We found this little dream for £200 for the entire week.  We thought it was good before we arrived, but once we saw it we couldn't believe how lucky we'd got. 

Before I let the pictures speak for themselves, I'm gonna list my 5 favourite things about the place. Because I (2 weeks later) am still not over how dreamy it was. 

1. The bed

More specifically, the size of the bed. When it's hot, as in 34 degrees hot, it is not touching weather. It doesn't seem to bother Sam, he's quite oblivious to it. But if it's hot, I can't stand the feel of someone elses hot, sweaty skin touching my overheated self. With this bed, I could roll over, starfish, sleep horizontal if I so wished, and never was I faced with touching an overheated Sam sweating out his soul as he slept. If I could have taken this bed home with me, I would have. Pretty decent, but overly excessive souvenir. 

2. The pool

Ok, so technically not part of the room, per say. But it might as well have been. It was approximately 10 steps, from out apartment to the pool. All the time we spent in it, it was empty. Never another person to be seen. Like our own private pool, such a dream. One night our aircon broke so we spent the night in the pool, just us two, having drinks until around 11.30pm. It was such a precious night. 

3. Two separate bathrooms

Considering I was so ill, these were a lifesaver. We designated one 'the victim toilet' (vile, but necessary) and one for non-victim purposes. 

4. The kitchen, in general

It's bloody huge. And gorgeous. And brand spanking new. It was beyond equipped for any need or want you could ever envision. We made it our aim to try and use all of the options available to us before we left but we couldn't even manage that. I've never been into a home that was so prepared, never mind a rented airbnb. And, not one bug in sight. Even when we came a little lazy with the washing up.. 

5. The hammock 

Another precious addition. I did feel slightly *large* when I first sat in it and ended up on the floor. Alas, it wasn't because I'd been scoffing, but due to the knot that secures it failing. A quick ask of Senor Felix, a very Mexican, absolutely 0 english speaking gentlemen to fix it and it was perfect. So relaxing to sit in this, before the bugs, locusts and any other jungle animals came visiting.. 

Ok, enough just words about the place. The pictures tell it all. 

Right.. pretty damn gorgeous..? I know this may seem excessive, 'it's just an apartment, other airbnb's are much nicer' etc, but I just fell in love with it. It's secluded location, size and the fact that it's all brand new and so clean just won me. Doesn't take much! 

If anyones interested, the listing is here (link). It has increased alot in price though, I think we just got such a wicked deal because we were the first airbnb guests to stay there. Lucky, so lucky. 

Barriers to blogging

Barriers to blogging

Tulum, Mexico

Tulum, Mexico