Climbing Scafell Pike

After climbing Snowdon not too long ago (read about it: here), I've had an itch to climb the other two 'peaks'. Scafell Pike, located in the deliriously beautiful Lakes, was the next most realistic to access & similar height to climb. Ben Nevis is my ultimate bae, but the 6 1/2 hour drive wasn't tickling my fancy. 

A little 23rd weekend getaway (HAPPY BDAY TO ME!!) saw me heading straight for the outdoors, pitching a tent, putting on my scruffy old nikes & hiking my ass 978m up Englands highestmountain. 

That not so little summit in the middle of the snap, the dark & very large mountain was our destination. 

The night before saw us setting up a tent at 1am lit solely by moonlight (romaaance) after a brutal 4 hour roadtrip to the Lakes. An unsatisfying & very (very) cold sleep on a half inflated airbed set us right up for our climb. Starting at Wasdale Head (our campsite) we were in for a 'short but steep' climb. They weren't bloody kidding at the 'steep' element. My pathetically short little legs were struggling before we'd even done 1/3rd of it. A bag of minstrels were my BFF & kept life inside me. Prepared, as usual for all fatalities. Carrying only sweets, my camera & phone. So equipped. 

It was so incredibly misty, which my rather unsatisfying, less than crisp photos demonstrate quite accurately, sadly. We were prepared for rain & committed to the climb, imminent shite weather irrelevant of our demise. The higher we got, the colder, wetter yet more astatic we became.

3 1/2 hours solid climbing later-at the top baby..!! Freezing cold, wet hair in matts & two extremely achy legs. But stupidly, deliriously happy to have reached the summit. 

The mist was just insane. Our vision saw no more than a couple of feet infront of us. Hense why there are minimal snaps of the higher top portion, sadly. It would have been a 'views for dayz' kinda moment, upon reaching the summit. But instead we could barely find each other & nearly got blown back down. 

So ends the climb.

Climbing in the Lakes, camping in a tent & spending my whole weekend outside was pretty much my dream. I bet lotsa gals would require hotels & champagne to celebrate their bday. I have mountain climbing & outdoors cravings. My idea of purrfect.

I've already been planning my next one to tackle & planning who to target to rope into joining me..