Hi, I'm Katie.

I'm a lover of life in general. Of the greenery, opportunities and treasures available to us. I have equal love for being outside, feeling the sun shine on my skin or being curled up in winter, with rain battering in the windows being snug under blankets marathoning TV shows. You wouldn't have guessed from my diet, but I'm a certified nutritionist which is pretty sweet, mostly for the insults derived from clinical terms.

I've always, for as long as I can remember, had a deep love for photography and travelling. Any chance I get, I'm off exploring somewhere, snapping and using my (sometimes unwilling) boyfriend as a decently bearded accessory. This blog is about my adventures the way along. About personal matters, where I've jetted (or drove) off to, what mountains I've been climbing and everything in between. It's a little escape, my way to connect with others.

T H I N G S  I  L I K E:

the smell of my dog after hes woke up all warm and sleepy from a nap, waking up next to Sam knowing it's a Sunday morning and it's our day together, walking barefoot in sand/grass/sea, watching blossoms bloom and realising spring has arrived, thick cosy duvets & pillows in fresh bedding, the smell of fresh laundry, sunrises and sunsets, being in love and finding people with the same dick head personality yet life appreciation as myself (difficult combo to encounter on the reg). 

T H I N G S  I  D I S L I K E:

people who kill bugs in their house instead of helping them back outside, the texture of most foods, watching people wish their life away waiting for a better opportunity to arrive without chasing their dreams, poorly designed websites, those who believe they're entitled and see themselves above others, the fact that people have to 'come out', tuition fees and routeine habits.